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Conditional Love: Create Great Consumer Experiences
Companies are waking up to the fact that each time a consumer has an improved digital experience, their expectations for all experiences rise to a new level. In other words, consumers don’t compare experiences across a competitive set; they compare the experiences a brand delivers to the value and relevancy the consumer receives in all of their digital interactions. This reality, combined recent dramatic shifts in customer behavior, has been the catalyst for leading organizations to wisely “uncheck the box” on what it means to know a customer, to personalize an experience for them, and to deliver perceivable value for today’s channel-agnostic, digitally-savvy consumers.

In this session, guest speaker and Forrester VP, Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher and Brierley Chief Consulting Officer, Don Smith will reveal and discuss:

* Why consumers choose the brands they do business with (really!)
* How leading companies strategically apply a 6C framework for understanding customers
* Which operational guardrails must be applies to go after the right data, not just more data
* How customer understanding leads to great personalization as individualization
* Which companies are winning by using this strategy at the heart of their engagement plan
* What critical steps enable this strategy for winning, serving and retaining consumer loyalty


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Don Smith
Chief Consulting Officer @Brierley
Don Smith is Chief Consulting Officer at Brierley and leads its strategic program design practice, responsible for engineering solutions which balance compelling value propositions with enhanced member experiences and data-driven customer engagement. An avid theater aficionado, his passion for presentation informs his marketing data analytics, where he eschews the traditional view in favor of a dynamic storytelling model that brings numbers to life through contextualization and the generation of actionable insights.
Brendan Witcher
VP, Principal Analyst @Forrester
Brendan serves digital business strategy professionals and is an expert on consumer behavior and technology trends in the commerce engagement space. He is an authority on market developments and vendors that help deliver today's leading strategies and tactics in digital excellence. Brendan has written over 150 industry-leading research reports and is a trusted adviser to over half of the US Fortune 100 companies — including 8 of the top 10 — that sit at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption. Brendan is sought after for comments and insights by industry media such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Marketplace, NPR, PBS, The Economist, Time, and The Wall Street Journal.